Thoughts at 1:11pm

Over the past couple years, I have realized that I always notice when it's 1:11pm...I haven't quite figured out the significance of this yet except that my birthday is also 1/11 but I notice this numerical everywhere...on houses, on gas tank statements...SOooo I though it would be fun to record these occurrences and or my thoughts at 1:11pm when I catch it...

11-17-14- "Man that's alot of oil" as I blotted my face with an oil paper.
11-20-14- I hope I'm going in the right direction with my blog and everything else. I wonder if the lady from the conference room is going to clean up like she said she would. I wish this man would stop dragging his feet as he walks.
11-21-14- I wonder if she would mind if I took some of those chocolates to go.
11-24-14 -WHYYYYYY is today going so weird!! From the flickering bulb at the chiropractor to my phone all of a sudden having a strong static and echo back to this warm but cold weather outside...I've got soo much to do and not enough time...*deep sigh* and the crazy part is I don't feel stressed...just flustered...I'm actually laughing as things get worse...soooo Weird!!
12-3-14- That microwave made my perfectly cooked lamb tough :-/
12-4-14- Your own experiences are just that...your own

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