Thursday, April 16, 2015

In my Speakers

Apparently I've always been drawn to parents often reminisce about "little Shalon" disappearing at live concerts only to be found at the foot of the stage clapping and bobbing my head to the music especially Frankie Beverly and MaZe. My dad was a DJ back in the day so our house was/ is always bumping music and now that I've got my own space it's no different..My musical ear't get it Twisted!! Frankie Beverly and Maze will ALWAYS get me will Kool and the Gang...Earth, Wind & Fire...and the likes...

Lately though  I've been enjoying more mellow like music...actually the verbs to properly describe what I'm listening to as of late escape me. It all started with a Sam Smith station on Pandora, I added Jhene Aiko and by weeding out of some Pink Floyd, Akon, Chris Brown and FKA Twigs I got this crazy awesome mix that I love...Let me know what you think...

Alina Baraz & Galamatias 


Marian Hill

The Hics

Flume & Chet Faker



Fetty Woop (Sorry not Sorry) oh and NaturallyEsquire! Thanks for exposing me to this months ago!! I admit I didn't appreciate it then but now I love it Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

*Disclaimer- I decided to post the lyrics because I don't know what foolishness may lie in the official video...but then I thought...I don't know the words to this song either so that might be just as if you're listening to Fetty Wopp....just let it play in the'll be up dancing anyway so Enjoy...NoT FoR COnTenT!!

Just a few of my favorites..If you would like me to share my Sam Smith Station on Pandora with you send me your email. I'd be happy to do so!! Happy Listening :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


As you all know...I like to do fridge clean up meals usually resulting in a quiche, soup or salad... If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, last night you saw me open up the kitchen lab to utilize the following "basket" ingredients in a Food Network Chopped fashion:

Uncured Beef Sausages
Fuji apples
Dried Mushrooms

...and I present to you...

Apple Sausage Hash with Sauteed Garlicky Arugula topped with a Poached Egg

So where did everything go?? I diced the apples and sausage added onion and some seasonings. If I had fresh fennel that would have been wonderful! But I only had dried fennel so I added that and cooked until the apples were soft. I parboiled some potatoes and when they were fork tender sauteed them in the fat rendered from the sausage and the apples. 

While the potatoes were crisping, I took some of the boiling water and poured that in a glass over the dried mushrooms to re-hydrate them. Once they were soft I roughly chopped them and waited until the potatoes were crispy. I put the hash in a bowl to the side and added olive oil to the already hot pan with crispy bits on the bottom...If I were thinking more thoroughly I would have sauteed the mushrooms until they were bacon like crispy but alas I didn't I added the arugula and a heaping 2 tbsp of garlic and sauteed until the arugula wilted, adding the mushroom water to  deglaze  or remove the good seasoned bits from the pan. Once that was done I removed the arugula from the heat and worked on my egg....

I used the same water that I boiled the potatoes in I added a bit of apple cider vinegar and allowed that to come to a boil. Using a whisk I whisked the hot water/vinegar mixture until I created a water tornado...then dropped my raw egg in and let it do it's do...for about a minute or 2. 

Then I assembled and finished with some smoked salt and pepper.


Presentation- I like the colors in the dish but the hash looks pasty like I didn't have enough oil to prevent sticking

Taste- It needed more salt! I added salt to the dish afterwards, which I don't mind doing because everyone's sodium tolerance is different. I personally prefer my arugula raw...Cooking the arugula exaggerated the bitterness of the greens but when eaten with an apple from the hash it was delightful

Creativity- You be the judge of that...I don't know how creative it was...