Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Time is Here....

And I'm excited!! Not for the gifts but for those special moments that turn to memories. The time I get to spend with those most important to me and the decorations...I love that everywhere you turn theirs a wreath or a sparkling light...I honestly can't wait for the fun that's bound to occur...I'm gonna let Christmas Shine...but let me tell you about my Thanksgiving!

What I wore...

Vintage Keepers Blue Sweater Dress with Grannye's Jewelry
What we ate...

Jerk Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing
Pork Roast stuffed with Spinach 
Macaroni and Cheese (with like 5 cheeses)
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes with Pecan Crumble Topping
Fresh Cranberry Sauce


Apple Pie
Sweet Potato Pie

What we did...

Watched Football...did you see the Eagles beat those Cowboys??
Drank (That new Apple Crown Royal...Moon Shine Apple Pie...Grey Goose anddddd 
Watched Movies (Think Like a Man and Think like a Man too...TMNT and some other sci-fi movie)
Took Family Portraits (desperately needed)

Overall good times were had by all..It seems like the older I get the more I cherish family time...I think I've always been sentimental but now I know it to be true. There's nothing I'd rather do than spend time with my family and friends...reminiscing about old times, sharing inside jokes...if you can't do that with people you love who can you do it with??

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

HaiR caRe eTc.

Sorry it's taken so long for me to get this to you guys...I wanted to really get a feel for the You Be-Natural Luster's Line and form my opinion throughly before I gave you my opinion of it. A few weeks ago I attended the Luster's You-Be Natural launch party in Baltimore County I was meeting a friend and I got there before her so I went in and just kind of walked around and looked at things Tracie told me about the event but I didn't know how the event was set up...There were demonstrations and manicures and massages going on but I didn't know if there was a charge for any of it and I didn't have cash...there were trays of food being walked around there was a bar. I just didn't know what was going on so I decided to stand at the demonstration section and read the looked like I had just missed the live demo but the tools were still on the table with product as if to say "try for yourself" so I did...

...well I was showing a lady how I understood these things to work my friends Tracie and her friend Tendai arrived. We mingled around a bit until we ran into one of Tracie's family members who happens to be an employee for the Luster's brand. I was introduced to her, who in turn introduced me to their social media person. She asked if any of us blogged and I responded with...why yes I actually just revived my blog and I'd be happy to blog about tonight. I gave her my information and hopefully in the near future my picture will show up on their website and I can have a link for you guys.

The event was so much fun though...the music was the best part...I was jammin...twirling and all...♪She's a brick...dundundun...hausssssss dernderndern ooo she's mightay mightayyy♫ lol It was old school night up in there...I felt like it was cleaning day back at my parents house. We took pics in the photo booth...Sorry I don't have the print out or I would show you! And we received goodie bags (see what Tendai is holding in the picture above) Here's what was in the goodie bag...

Peep my Chlobabez in the corner being cute!

I couldn't wait to try the products...but I had just colored my hair and didn't want to unnecessarily wash my hair (i.e.-the color out) so I waited until wash day and used the Tangle Me Knot Shampoo. I was cautious because I'm used to only using Deva Curl No Poo so it was strange to have lather...but it was a nice thick and soothing  lather. I washed twice then used their Mayonaisse Conditioner which hydrated my curls for's what my hair looked like after rinsing the conditioner...

What was weird to me was that my curls were so *clumped* together for lack of better hair wasn't frizzy at was like each curl found a group of curls to be curly with...I loved it!  I don't have a picture but I added the soft curls curling creme and let my hair air dry that day and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll recall this picture...

Conclusions: I liked the You Be Natural Shampoo and conditioner when my hair was wet it felt hydrated and looked great...but after it dried with the product in it. It felt was like a rough hair made noise when you rubbed it against itself. This isn't normal for me my hair is always extremely soft. So I do what ever natural girl should do and found what worked for my hair...and it's not the entire line of You Be Natural products....Here's what works for me in the colder seasons
Deva Curl No Poo and One Condition, Oyin Handmade Frank Juice, You Be Natural Curl Shaper and Homemade Whipped Shea Butter
A few days after ^^^that wash...I did a co-wash after yoga with the One Condition then I applied the Curl Shaper and Whipped shea that order...then combed through and flat twisted into 8 big flat twist...I unraveled with the Defrizz, Define and Shine Serum and ended up with this...

The ouTcome!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Outfit of YesterDay...

It was blistering cold outside yesterday and all I wanted to do was be wrapped up in something warm and blanket like...*enter cocoon sweater*

I wore a plain white shirt and my denim trouser pants with the first pair of real shoes I bough with my own money when I was like 15 or 16 years old...Those brown suede loafer wedges...they are so comfortable and cute I love that this style is coming back around.

My hair had a day old twist out in it...that i sweated out in yoga and was too lazy to re-twist so I just pulled it up in a puff and pulled my bangs out...On my lips I'm wearing a Cabernet lip liner and NYX Simply Vamp lip cream in Enamored

I really love this outfit I just wish I would have added some more color...or wore a statement necklace...What do you think??

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Claim Greatness for 2015

Last night after yoga, I was doing my nightly Facebook/ Instagram stroll and I came across the HWHN teleseminar phone number. I thought...instead of half assed listening to South Park, I'd call in and listen to the seminar. It was around 9:42pm when I tuned it so I was surprised that it was still going on and a little disappointment that I'd missed so much already but I decided to continue to listen knowing that I'd probably get something from the last 20 minutes of the seminar...and boy did I ever. 

Not too soon after I started listening the sister on the line was promoting Unstoppable 2015 and while she did this she explained why it was titled 2015 when it was already out now...what I gathered from her explanation was that she wanted women to claim greatness for 2015 now. She went on to say other things but I sat on my couch and ruminated over that one statement "claim greatness for 2015" 

My mind raced over how this statement applied to soo many aspects of my life. I have always felt rushed...not by outside influences but by inside pressures...I'm 27 years old and I should be this far along in my career, my bank account should have this much money in it, I should own a house, I should be in a relationship that's going somewhere, I shouldn't be overweight on and so forth...but when I heard that statement "Claim Greatness for 2015" it relieved me...

~Why Shalon do you feel like everything has to be perfect and set in stone right now?? 
~Why can't you use this time now to prepare yourself for things to come??

I realized I can and I will. I have learned so much about myself this past year and instead of belittling the lessons and relishing in how that attempt didn't work out.  I can look forward to utilizing them in the future. Some of my goals I didn't quite reach but the tools I used to try are still there...and maybe I just need to figure out how to use them differently next time around. 

It also brought me peace to know that I am a work in progress and it's ok to be that. I'm not sure that I would like it if I had everything figured out and set in stone right now....that would be a long life of monotony and if there's one thing I can't stand it's this is me claiming my greatness for 2015. Thank you Heal a Woman Heal a Nation for that message last night.

Fall is my Favorite!!

Variable temperatures, boots, reds, greens, oranges, pumpkin (EVERYTHING), hot apple cider, falling leaves, bright blue skies...


I'm sure some of you sun bathers have a few complaints but oh weLL!! I love the fall and everything it brings...oh and flowers...and I like having fresh floral arrangements in my apartment so I try to keep atleast one on my coffee table at all times...This week (or until they shrivel and die) this is my arrangement...
I promise to work on my photography but I think that's pretty good for an old iPhone pic...Anywho I love the colors in this arrangement, the wheat and honeycomb (??) things with the two different types of eucalyptus I just love looking at it....AND it cost me less than $10 to make. I reused flowers from last weeks arrangement and purchased a small bouquet from Trader Joe's, placed them in a mason jar and VoiLa!! The gourds came from the Farmer's market...they were 3/$1 so I couldn't pass them up... I hope you love it as much as I do because you'll be seeing it in a few more upcoming pics!!

Note to Self for future posts...

Explain how much I love the farmer's market

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coconut Red Curry for Dinner!!

Looking for something quick fast, easy, cheap and delicious to eat for dinner! How about Coconut Red Curry with Chicken over Rice...I'm gonna work on the names I give these dishes because I don't like the flow of that very well but this meal was easy enough to make.

What I used:
Coconut oil
7 chicken tenders (raw and cut into squares)
1/2 white onion (sliced)
ginger (sliced into strips)
6 garlic cloves
can of coconut milk
large head of broccoli (from Farmer's market)
bag of frozen stir fry vegetables
fresh Thai basil (from my garden)
cooked rice

What I did:
***I put the rice in the rice cooker first so everything would be done at the same time***
1. In a large skillet heat coconut oil over medium heat until it smokes a little. 
2. Add the onion garlic and ginger to the pain and cook until you smell it (about 2 minutes)
3. Add in the chicken breast and cook until the outside of the chicken pieces turns white (some brown spots are ok but you don't want to cook the chicken all the way through just yet)
4. Add the Red Curry Paste (I added about half of the jar, it depends on your taste can be spicy) and Coconut milk to the pot, cover and turn down the heat (this will cook the chicken through...simmer for about 5-7 minutes)
***During this time I washed and cut up my fresh broccoli***
5. Add the frozen stir fry vegetables and the fresh broccoli cover again until the vegetables are heated thoroughly...and season to taste (I substituted salt with soy sauce and added cayenne pepper...because I wanted it super spicy)
6. Serve over rice and top with Thai basil!!

That's it...let me know if you guys like this kind of stuff...I'll try to take and post more pictures as I'm cooking!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Splurge on a Budget

I'm cheap...I'll openly admit it...but I think I'm a fair cheap person...I won't spend a bunch of money on something I know I can recreate of equal or better quality...whether it be a meal, an outfit or decorations...or furniture now that I think about it (remember my nail polish rack??) That's one of the reasons Ikea is one of my favorite spots...I don't mind assembling my bed frame if I can get a queen size bed frame for $50...I actually enjoy it....anywho I digress...

The purpose of this blog...or segment...once I figure out how to create tabs on this website is to compare a product who's price tag is relatively steep (keep in mind I'm cheap!) to a comparable product which is significantly cheaper but of equal quality...

Let's talk about Macaroons...I'd heard of these little cookies by name before but when I thought of macaroons I thought of these...

...which I've had before and don't dislike...but I don't love either. But these...


...are macarOns! 

Who knew 1 "O" could change so much!! A few posts ago I told you about my friend and I stopping at the french bakery, she went to pick up a gift and we weren't going to get anything for ourselves but...let's be's a french bakery and since I'd never had a macarOn before...I bought a Passion Fruit MacarOn..and let me tell world was rocked! The macaron is a crisp pillow of chewy greatness that is sweet but not offensively so and the passion fruit flavor that was emitted from the middle of that macarOn O.M.G!

...but that one little cookie cost me $0.85...and I could easily eat about 10 of those in one setting but $8.50 + tax is steep for a I found (well it found me) a...


I just happened to be perusing the frozen food section at Trader Joe's when I ran into these...

...not these exactly but I can't find the picture I'm looking for...the ones I bought had pear cinnamon, gingerbread, chocolate peppermint and a few other flavors that aren't coming to mind right now but O.M.D. (oh my damn) if these things weren't delicious! And at $4.99 for a box of 12...I think score!! It only took me 2 days (one night and the next morning) to finish the box so I will definitely be purchasing them again.

I'm not throwing shade on the french bakery can't go into Trader Joe's and take in the overwhelming scent of butter and chocolate, or peek through a window to watch a real true to life pastry chef cutting dough...the time, energy and patience..the experience is what you pay for when you buy an $0.85 macaron and it's worth it! But if I were to do something like this...

Would you be able to tell that I only spent $0.42/ cookie?? Nope! Not a chance :-) Try out the macarons...I don't think you'll be disappointed...I wasn't!

Until I write again...adios!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!!

For all of the sacrifices you make for our country...thank you!

Still High off of this Weekend....

So I told you guys about Friday night...after being old ladies, my friends and I turned in at around 11:30pm (no judgement...we're all very productive ladies!)

Saturday was fun too...I started with an early brunch (is that redundant?) friend made Panettone French Toast with a mascarpone cream topped with almonds...OMG!! It was sooo good...I swear when I start my restaurant said friend will be a guest chef! So yea we did that...sorry I don't have a picture..I was hungry and it smelled so good while she was cooking it I dove right in...then when I thought about taking the picture the presentation was ruined and I wouldn't do her like that so I'll just savor the image of deliciousness and you all can just trust that it was good!

Then we attended the Boulevard of Chic at the Harbor...It was a beautiful day to be outside, walking around, trying hand creams, looking at fashion,  ...on trucks...drinking hot caramel apple cider

SideBar- When did Fashion Trucks become a thing??

I'm not quite sure how I feel about them...on one hand I think it's cool that you can travel around with your merchandise...especially if you are a designer...your store follows you around...but on the down's a truck! If there was another person on it it was hard to turn around without hitting somebody in the face with a hanger or elbow which was kind of a turn off to me but the event looked very successful. I'm not sure how often they do these fashion truck rally's but I'd do it again...

Then we went to one of our favorite stores ULTA just because it's one of our favorite stores..and I was looking for a lipstick to wear with my new hair color courtesy of Kurt...who is an amazing amazing hair dresser (more on him later). I didn't find a lipstick at Ulta but I did discover time you're browsing in Ulta...browse with a purpose...we found a whole line of products that were 75% off. Granted the makeup line wasn't for women of was still 75% off! I found a really nice red lip pencil to go with my Ruby Woo for $5...Score! We also tried on colored mascara (think hunter green, royal blue, purple)...I sense this being a thing very soon...
New Purple hair...finally got a good picture (lighting wise)
DSW was next! I need some new boots and like 5 weeks ago when boots were being stocked I found the perfect pair...but the way my bank account was set up...I had to walk away...and damnit! when I was ready to get them...they weren't there...oh the size 11 wide calf struggle. I did get some cute rain/snow boots that I know I'll be needing in a few weeks (days if the rumors are true)...

I can and can't wait to wear them...PS- DSW is having a buy 2 get 30% sale until midnight...use code 30today We made a few more stops including a French pastry shop, Marshall's and Forever 21...I ended the night with an entire season of Key and Peele and a sweet potato pie from McDonalds was a good Day!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Are we still using #ootd as outfit of the day anymore?? Or are we just not doing those anymore? Oh well...I don't care here was my ootd today...well pieces of it bc I forgot to charge my ipad last night and today I was busy at work and didn't have a chance to take a pic until I was getting ready to leave> ipad +low battery +all day=dead iPad when I remembered to take pics> so I had to use my phone to take them. But my arms aren't long enough to capture entire outfit so I just took what I could...
Trench coat from Target 
Flannel Plaid Shirt from Old Navy
Wide leg navy blue pants from thrift store
Leopard loafer from Target 

On my lips Ruby Woo with Napoleon Liner

Real talk alert: I need a hair cut becomes seriously apparent to curly girls when they straighten their's probably readily apparent in its curly form too but less offensive (in my opinion) raggedy ends on straight hair is a no no anywho I digress...because I need a hair cut I choose to hide my ends and did two large twists then tucked and pinned the ends under...then I thought I need something extra...what can I do?! 

A head piece..not band a piece because it's actually a necklace (from a friend Thanks Kelly!!) that I just pinned into place with bobby pins...

I'm pretty sure I wanted to add more to this blog but I messed up and turned on The Weeknd and now I'm vibing too hard to concentrate 🎶Hey there lonely girl...did you have to tell your friends about the way I had you....🎶

Leave me comments guys..let me know what you like and even what you don't...I'll pretend to care but let's be real it is my blog :-p

Back to Blogging

Hey GUys!

So alot has changed and alot is still the same from the last time I was blogging...admittedly I wasn't taking the blog thing seriously. I did it because everyone else had one but now I've got great ideas and I'm so excited to share them with you all! I couldn't think of a better way to do it other than blogging so here it goes!

I had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. It started with the First Friday's in Hampden and ended with a Mac and Cheese and a Raw Kale Salad. I've so much to tell that I don't know where to start soo I'll start with how I started my weekend with Pumpkin Pie Shots!

I knew my friends were coming over and I wanted to have something for them but wasn't quite sure what to make. I know when we get together we are likely going out to eat so I didn't make food. Earlier in the week I made some pumpkin syrup to make pumpkin chai lattes at home and thought hmmmm....Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey and Pumpkin sound like a good combo...then I added vanilla almond milk and Voila! I loved how it looked seperated but you should mix it before taking the shot.

DELICIOUS!! And my friends loved them!!

We sipped as we got ready to go out. Initially we were going to get our nails done then hit up a poetry event but we ended up running to Hampden for Keeper's Vintage Grand Opening, which was amazing! I bought 2 pieces (I'll blog those later) and 2 French perfumes. It was First Friday in Hampden so we went to other shops as well. Although I didn't purchase anything else I had a really good time. We did get free caramel apples from a random lady walking down the street...They were too cute to pass up!! We ended up eating at Cafe Hon...I had the Maryland Crab mixed with Cream of Crab was ok I wish I had gotten just one or the other though (review to come later)...

 Caramel Apples in Hampden
Beauties in Baltimore

I felt like a rock star!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I love to cook and I think I love baking more than I do cooking...and it must show in my baked goods because people always tell me I should open up a when I opened up my Christmas box from my grandfather you could imagine my delight when I saw this inside...

A brand new (to me) KITCHENAID MIXER!! I remember when I was younger, my Grannye, the ultimate baker, pined for one of these bad boys so bad. And finally after the whole family pitched in she got hers and made everything with it...from cookies to yeast rolls. Kitchenaid mixers are the holy grail of appliances when it comes to baking and I finally, totally unexpectedly, had one to call my own!!

Only one slight problem...and I hope my grandfather doesn't take offense to this...but I'm so not a red all. I loved the mixer but not the color...

So...after careful consideration, many google searches and a whole lot of guts I decided I was going to make over my kitchenaid. My Dad and I went to Home Depot and picked up a can of Rust-oleum Spray Paint 2x primer and paint and a fine spongy sanding block...if there's anything for anyone to know about me it would be I love teal...turquoise...aqua...whatever you call is my favorite color! So that's what I gravitated to and ultimately picked out Sea Side blue 

My dad and I went to work taping off all the parts we didn't want painted, disassembled the mixer, and lightly sanded away the shine to that candy apple red paint...

Then to the backyard we went...

After two light coats of paint the stand of the mixer and the motor cover were finished 
and looked great...the actual power house of the mixer was a little more complicated. If I were to do this again, I probably would have left the mixer intact and spray painted it that way because in order to paint the underside of the motor piece, we turned it over (as pictured in the back up there) and the top got I had to sand and repaint the top of the mixer many times...more than I care to admit...but after a couple days of sanding and painting and letting it fully dry...I had this...

Actually...I think my iPad died so I didn't get a picture of the mixer fully dried and assembled...but take my word for was beautiful...but something was missing...I thought it needed some more needed...DAMASK...another one of my favorite again my dad and I went out (after my second knee surgery I'm required to
 have a chauffeur these days) and looked in Micheal's, Five Below, Bed Bath&Beyond, Target and Walmart for damask vinyl stickers with no back to google I went and stumbled upon a cute set of vinyl stickers from BrookLeeCreations an Etsy shop. I bought the set which included 9 stickers and shipping for $15 and asked if she could replace my monogram for one of the damask stickers and she did! Even included the extra damask sticker...I ordered the set on a Wednesday and they arrived in the mail on Friday. As soon as they came in I hobbled downstairs to the mixer and started sticking....the hardest part was arranging where I wanted everything to go but the results are nothing short of beautiful! I cannot stop staring at it and can't wait to see how it looks on my kitchen counter...are you ready to see the transformation?? 

Brace yourself...

ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?!?! I cannot (but really I can) believe how lovely this turned out! I'm so in love with this mixer now and I hope that after my grandfather sees the results he doesn't mind that I painted his gift. I absolutely love love love it and can't wait to use it!! 

Here's the before and after shot...

Gaaaaaahhhhhhh!! I love it so much...let me know what you think...leave me a comment! 

Peace, Love and Happy New Year!