Sunday, June 17, 2012

Can't sleep...make a skirt

Last night around 1145pm I found it awfully strange that I wasn't asleep...especially because I'm normally in bed by 1030 anywho...after talking to my dad and showing him my bucket of refashions to do and a full day of shopping at the outlets I decided again at damn near midnight to start making this maxi skirt...I thought it would be as easy as sewing a tube and adding a waist band but I ended up sewing a tube and not accounting for my ample hips and the skirt didn't fit... Sewing Tip: DON'T CUT OFF EXCESS FABRIC UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE THE FIT YOU'RE AIMING FOR!!! So I ended up having to add a panel to accommodate my hips then add darts to the back of the skirt and the sides of the waistband anywho this is what I came up with..I love that its high waisted and almost looks like a dress I just finished it this morning. And I really want to wear it out to lunch with a friend but I don't have the perfect shoes yet :-) LeAve me comments!!

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