Monday, February 16, 2015

Perfect GALentine Brunch Dessert-Fruit Pizza/Tart

I was invited to the cutest little brunch this weekend...a GALentine's brunch by one of my co-worker turned friends...and while she told me I only needed to bring myself, I never like to come to people'e home randomly in a meeting a light bulb clicked and I thought I'll bring a Fruit Pizza...quick, cheap, easy and almost always a crowd pleaser.

Sugar Cookie Dough

1 pack of cream cheese
1/2 tub of whipped topping
1.5c.  powdered sugar
1 tbsp. orange juice (I used juice from mandarin oranges)
vanilla extract

Mandarin Oranges
Whatever you like...

Follow the instructions on the packaging to bake the sugar cookie in any shape that you want..I like my crust to be thicker and chewy so I didn't roll the dough out thin. In fact I didn't expect the dough to rise as much as it did or I would have used a larger pan)

While the cookie is baking, in a mixer or large bowl whip the cream cheese with an electric mixer on high speed until smooth. Add the orange juice and vanilla extract. Slow down the speed of your mixer and add in the powdered sugar. Once all of that has incorporated, using a spatula, fold in the whipped topping and refrigerate.

Take the cookie out of the oven just as the edges turn golden brown. It can stay longer if you like a crisper crust but also remember to roll the dough thinner) LET IT COOL COMPLETELY...the frosting will melt if the cookie is still warm.

While the cookie was cooling, I took the time to prep my fruit. Since this was a Valentine themed brunch I decided to cut my fruit into hearts...The strawberries were easy but the kiwi came out a little rough....

Once the cookie has cooled COMPLETELY, spread as much or as little frosting on top I had plenty of frosting makes a great fruit dip!! Then organize your fruit however you fancy...Refrigerate until you are ready to serve...VoiLa!!

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