Tuesday, July 21, 2015

SuMmeRTime In the CiTy!!

I would first off like to apologize for my lack of posts since the sun has come out and graced us with her endless beauty this summer. As you may or may not know...2 summers ago I had major surgery on my knee and I'm finally back to being able to do the things I love...which usually includes lots of walking that I literally couldn't stand before...BUT NOW...I'M BacK!! I have so many pics stored in my phone of things I've been up to that I can't wait to share with you.
Artscape 2015
What I could see of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
This weekend was ArtScape...the largest outdoor art festival on the East Coast...Artscape has something for everyone...this year I worked with my favorite natural hair and body care company and Black Nerds Unite tee creator Oyin Handmade/ ExitTheApple to pass out goodie bags with amazing sample products...If you weren't there to get one no worries...stop by the salon to sample any of the products or take a seat in a salon chair and let someone else do your hair for a change...

We had so much fun talking to so many diverse people on these Baltimore streets and then after we clocked out...we hit the curb for some much needed and deserved libations...we were chilling and then... we were approached by a mob of pantless people ...

Pantless Nerds United 
Booty BootY and Balls everywhere...#nopants #noproblems...unfortunately my romper prevented me from joining in...but I wish I could have...it was hot as Hades this weekend.

The purpose of the No Pants, No Problems initiative isn't just to be half exposed...it's debunk the notion that sexual harassment, rape, cat calling etc is warranted based on someones attire...which I completely agree with...in fact! Before the no pants people showed up...a group of us were sitting on the curb drinking our beverages and a little man (he really was little...probably 5'4) comes up to me with his hand in the air asking if he could "smack my thigh because it looked so juicy" laying there on the street. Before I had a chance to speak up my home girls retorted back "NO YOU CANNOT"...and I was fully clothed! 

The nerve of some people...but we didn't let his ignorance dampen our mood...he moved along with his tail between his legs and we kept on sippin...

How are you doing in this heat?? Did you attend Artscape?? Did you see the Oyin Street team out there?? What other festivals are you going to attend this summer?? 

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