Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Back!!

...but who know's for how long it will be...I'm bad about starting things when I'm bored and stopping when I get busy but who isn't right?? Not much has changed since August it's just cold as crap outside all of a sudden.

I really want to find a focus for this blog but I don't know if it should be my weight loss natural hair journey...things I cook, things I love life (or lack there of) or should I just make it a conglomeration of all of thee above but how then do I go about organizing it?? I don't know...

I have an app on my iPad that would make this blogging thing so much easier but I can't get it to work but I promise for all of my readers out there (wishful thinking) I'll get it together and have some entertaining posts for you all to look at :-) Until then!!

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