Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too cold for copper hair....

I wanted to do something different with my hair because I was getting tired of the light ends from when i dyed it an auburnish color over the summer… Don't get me wrong I love my auburn hair during the summer but it just doesn't fit with the snow in Baltimore right now. My friend Katrina has this kinda purpleish reddish dark burgundy beautiful color with these 2 blonde highlighted streaks close to her ears and I am in love with her hair color.

Sorry for the creepy eyes!
So after work while it was snowing this past Friday I drove to Target and pick up some shoelaces, some root beer float Extra gum and Healthy Look semipermanent hair color in 4BR chocolate cherry

The process was pretty simple...I combed thru my hair first then applied the color in small sections about 3 inches...I pulled my hair into a ponytail and let it sit for the recommended 20 minutes. When I do this again I'll leave the color in longer.

Afterward I rinsed and conditioned as recommended then I used Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and Brown Sugar pomade to pretreat my hair before blow drying it straight. I really wanted to see the new color and rarely if ever can I see it in my natural curly state. Although I could immediately see my light ends were significantly darker.

I styled my hair in six chunky flat twists and this was the end result. I absolutely love the new color....almost so much I'm contemplating doing a permanent job because after living with the semipermanent color for about two weeks now (I know I'm bad at keeping up with this stuff) I'm getting tired of all the color leeching onto everything. When I wash my hands the water is purple, if I put any creamy product in my turns purple. My cream colored winter coat color has a tinge of purple on's everywhere.... But I still love it in my hair the most.

What do you guys think?


  1. Just read about you on Oyin! Question: I spy the blue and gold scarf you're rockin'...are you a member of SGR?

  2. I'm not! The scarf was a gift...awesome organization though :-) thanks for checking out my blog