Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Resolving Resolutions?

My goal for myself at the beginning of the year (notice I did not use the term New Year's Resolution) was to lose 30lbs by March. I planned on doing this using Weight Watchers which has worked well for me in the past and Bikram Yoga and MoveZ. I'll explain them all a little more below

Left: Summer 2012 Middle: December 2012 Right: January 2013

Birthday Outfit
 January 2013

I can tell my weight is changing by my face chin and cheekbones become very pronounced
Clockwise:  Summer 2012/ November 2012/ December 2012/ January 2013

Sooo lets talk about my workout activities...Bikram is I like to think of myself as being kinda extreme...when I start something new I always want to do the hardest thing because I figure if I can do that I can do anything (is that some kind of complex?) Anyway Chelsey, friend of mine, started doing yoga after she torn her acl playing basketball and she said it really was helping her out both physically and emotionally and I really wanted to try it but the idea of flow yoga really freaked me out...I actually avoided yoga because they make it seem so hard with all these special ways of breathing and keeping your stomach sucked in...anyway long story short...I decided I wanted to try yoga and lo and behold there was a groupon for Bikram yoga 20 classes for $40 or something like that so I bought it and went to my first class...Bikram is a form of yoga that is 26 postures done in a room that is heated to appx. 105 degrees for 90 minutes...and it is NOT easy at first class I definitely felt like passing out for 95% of the class but I also did not want to be seen as a failure so I tried and tried to do every posture and ultimately failed. In bikram the point of the yoga is to practice the posture if you do the posture 100% correct for 5% of the time you will reap 100% of the benefit but if you do the posture incorrectly you'll more than likely end up with an injury. Anywho...I enjoyed the class in the end I felt good...I kind of feel like sitting in a heated room that hot for an hour and a half is a triumph on its on and actually doing something is a I'll keep going

...MoveZ on the other my favorite exercise EVER!! I'd been doing Zumba on and off for the past 3 years since I was introduced to it by my friend Tracie, and I fell in love...It was something about the loud music and finally figuring out how to actually move my body in a somewhat sexy way that made me forget anything that may have gone wrong that day...oh! and my instructor Adelicia is everything!! I tried taking Zumba classes elsewhere and it just wasn't the same...the music wasn't loud enough, the dance moves weren't sexy enough or off beat and I just couldn't deal...but anyway I have driven all over Baltimore to stay in her classes...she used to teach at a catering turned workout place, then she rented out a skating ring and finally she got her own studio...please please please check her out times if its your first time you can take a class for free and there are so many other classes you can take now including Burlesque (which I've taken and loved!!) Video Vixen and Dancer's Physique. But for the most part I stick with my MoveZ class because it's so much fun...check out the video that Adelicia was in...this is like the theme song for Zumba back in the day and they chose her to be the video about credentials!

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