Monday, May 21, 2012

ok I'm convinced

For a while now my family, friends, collegues and co-workers have told me I need to start showing off what I do...but to be completely honest I'm hard on myself and quite a perfectionist so what others deem as pretty or delicious or *insert other fabulous adjective here* I usually think its just ok but that's the Capricorn in me what can I say...

Anywho this weekend I got bored and thought I'd finally open the new sewing machine my dad bought me for Christmas last year and make a cute square top shirt out of this patterned sheer curtain I bought for $3.25 at the thrift store...after 3 hours I gave up on that and put it back in the sewing bin to work on when I lost some more weight because I didn't give myself enough fabric to fit around my slowly shrinking I thought I'd start with a real pattern and go from there...I figured with a name like Simplicity it cant be that hard to make...

Funny tidbit...the fabric I used to make this skirt started out as a twin size fitted sheet $5 from Walmart...creative and thrifty..YeS!..but the color was gorgeous and I needed a twin size sheet when I did volunteer work in New Orleans a couple months ago so that's where the fabric came is kinda see through so I'll have to be mindful of my undergarment choice when I really wear the skirt...It took about 6 hours to make the skirt and I can't wait to wear it

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