Monday, May 21, 2012

oLd sTuFF

Soo this is really what I do in my spare time...well what I used to do...I'm not ashamed...I like to eat what I like to eat when I like to eat it And...I like for it to be a couple years ago (while still in college) I was looking for a way to make some spare monies around Valentine's Day so I made these...

Unfortunately I didn't make record sales (I don't know why...they were beautiful and delicious) but whatever it was fun just making them but wait there's more....I made these too

 I love this picture for two reasons 1. I can't believe my little purple digital camera took it and two look at those pretzels!! Anyway...I'm moving on put *insert plug here* If you would like to surprise a significant other or yourself with a delightful treat contact me...these too can be yours! Let's see what else I have in my vault of creativities

I made these "upholstered" if you will baby photo albums for a couple special babies in my life...they are adorable..I have one that my mom made for me and I cherish it and love the look of the books

Then there's the diaper cake...lots of work but well worth it!

Other side!

This one is probably my favorite because I'm cheap and sushi is expensive but it is so easy to make if you have all of the ingredients so I made this basket for my grandfather for Christmas one literally has everything (minus the seafood) he needs to make sushi including the sake...I love making things like this because the outcome is so pretty...

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