Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SweeT poTato sPinaCh and OniOn

ooOoH and don't forget the Feta cheese...this is thee best salad I have ever eaten...no lie...I didn't start eating salads probably until my 20's because I didn't like salad dressing or tomatoes or raw onions and a salad with just lettuce....let's be real what's the point...but noww Oh but now I've gotten past all that even to the point where I'm experimenting with arugula, kale, spinach and all different varieties of salad greens. Only catch is something in the salad must be warm for me to feel like it was a meal...usually it's a meat but I've since moved on to sweet potatoes and roasted onion!! I was first introduced to this specific salad by my good Indian friend Nina when I visited her this past April...I've made it twice since then and I love it because if I don't eat it all I can heat it all up and the spinach wilts, the feta melts and it's a new dish delicious on its own!
And then thisss is my...plant..so ffunny story a couple weeks ago I went to Home Depot because I saw they were having 50% off of all their Burpee?? plants...so I bought a Mr. Stripey and cherry tomato plant a red pepper plant some basil and the plant pictured below...now... a huge part of me hopes and kinda knows that it's a zuchinni plant..but I do not remember finding one when I was at Home Depot so I'e been waiting patiently for the flowers to turn to fruit and BY GEORGE!! It is a zucchini plant...

I'll take a picture of my backyard potted garden for you guys another time...It's 10 and I've had a long day...between working on my grad school essay, taking Cardioboxing and playing with the dog anddd making a stop at Walmart which always takes longer than expected even if you know exactly what your'e going in there for..uuuuuhhh gotta cut this short Big Bang Theory just started :-) 

Blog ya later!

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