Thursday, January 15, 2015

Green Eggs Cafe- Birthday Brunch Review

I wanted to get away so I spent birthday weekend in Philly, catching up with old friends, shopping and of course eating...I want to devote this blog to Green Eggs Cafe.  I first heard about this place after my college roommate posted food porn pics on Facebook and I was like the next time I'm in Philly I'm going to make a point to go there...Soo..this was the next time I was in Philly so three friends and I went to the Midtown location on a Sunday afternoon. One of my friends got there before us so she put her name down for a table, I'm not sure how long she waited maybe 40 minutes?? But by time we got there, there was just enough time to say hi before our table was ready.

The atmosphere was pretty forgettable, We were seated along a large window, with a view of a parking lot to the left and tables to the right followed by what looked to be the dish room? Maybe the kitchen? I'm not sure...but behind me was there little espresso/alcohol bar. We were given 3 menus, the regular menu, the specials menu and the drink menu. The menu looked impressive...but I already knew that...hence my wanting to come here so badly. 

We were brought water and asked for drink orders. Apparently this place didn't have an alcohol license before so you could BYOB...but not while we were going to have mimosas we decided against it. I ordered a Dirty Chai which was twice as dirty as I'm used contained a shot of espresso AND was meehhh...I think it would have been better with a different liquor. The gin overpowered it all...and now that I think about it, it wasn't even that strong. My friend got the Strawberry Bubbly-champagne something...she didn't rave about it either...

Onto the food...I had a hard time ordering because everything looked good, the portion sizes are huge and I wanted sweet and savory for brunch. I couldn't decide so my friend ordered for me...Short Ribs Benedict with fresh fruit and a side of biscuits and gravy. My friends ordered Crab Cake Benedict with Rosemary Potatoes, Chicken &Waffles Benedict with Rosemary Potatoes and Eggs Benedict with Cheese Grits...
Short Ribs Benedict
Biscuits and Gravy
Crab Cake Benedict  
Chicken & Waffle Benedict

Looks good right?? But I wasn't amazed by the flavors. The shortribs were cooked fine but they were just short great seasoning...just meat, the biscuit was just a big biscuit...but the gravy was delicious!! I ended up making a bite of everything, the biscuit with gravy short rib and egg and that bite was pretty good. I tried my friends potatoes, which were undercooked but very rosemary-ish. Otherwise bland...The cheese grits were delightful. Other than that everything else was friends didn't rave about the food either.

After we ate our benedicts, we sat and talked for a while...although we were all already full we decided to order "dessert" we decided on the Cafes' signature Red Velvet Pancakes, the table behind us this cute little stack of bright red pancakes topped with straberries, and we thought between the 4 of us we could handle that...until we realized that the cute little stack was from the kids menu...and we ended up with this...
Red Velvet Pancakes
Dollar as reference!!

THESE THINGS WERE MAMMOTH!! It made us nausous to see them...and even moreso when we thought about consuming them...but we ordered them so we dug in...and again mehhhh!! The strawberries were the best thing on the plate. We ended up eating only a couple bites then put it in a to go container...

Overall I was less than impressed with Green Eggs Cafe...if you go there I would suggest you get the biscuits and gravy with cheese grits as a side and maybe some bacon? The portion sizes are huge for the money but the food lacks the flavor I was looking for...plug to my next blog post...Leftovers: The Great Makeover! Where I took the leftovers from this brunch and fixed them up to my liking...

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