Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ChristMaS ParTy deeTs!

First and foremost HAPPY 2015!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season (whatever that means for you) I had every intention of catching up on my blogging during the Christmas/ New Year break but that didn't happen at all...FEAR NOT!! I did think of you all and kept notes and pictures of all the things I wanted to share so slowly but surely I will get it all up...

So I'll start with my Christmas party...somehow it has become customary for me to have a Christmas party every year. I don't mind it...actually I enjoy it because it forces me to put Christmas up in my apartment and to get into the Christmas Spirit. This year I only added a few things to my Christmas tree (a few boxes of teal and lime green bulbs and fake glittery peacock feathers from Hobby Lobby, some feathers with bells on them from Michael's) but I think it made a big difference...

I still think it was missing something but it was beautiful and I hated that I had to take it down on Sunday...but all good things come to an end. I thought about donating my fake tree to the Goodwill because I want to have a real tree for next Christmas...when I'm in my new house (speaking things into existence) but my mom decorates more than one tree in her house so I think I'll keep this one. Plus next Xmas...I'm doing a Xmas tree dress...like this one...except with my own flair to it of course!

courtesy of Garner Style

Back to the Christmas Party...there was lots of food and drinks, plenty of conversation, Catch Phrase and White Elephant gift exchanges. Unfortunately, I was so preoccupied mingling and having so much fun  I forgot to take pics,..as did my guests (which was a personal score for me because it showed me that in 2014 it is possible for people to sucessfully interact with other human beings face to face and not through technology), it was beautiful though. I planned this party in a fashion that would allow me to enjoy myself...I was rarely in the kitchen unless I was refilling trays with food or talking.

To Eat...
-Pulled Pork Sliders
-Potstickers (chicken and pork) with a homemade dipping sauce
-Mini Quiches
-Seasoned Pretzels
-Philly Soft Pretzels (courtesy of one of my best friends who drove from Philly to see me)
-Parmesan Artichoke Dip
-Caramel Apples
-Assorted Cookies (Gingerbread Men and Madeleine's)
-Sesame Poppy Seed Cake 
-Chia Seed Pudding with fresh cranberry compote

To Drink...
-Signature Cocktail **Made ahead of time and kept refilling the pitcher when it got low)
   -1 bottle of Verdi
   -32 oz Apple Juice
   -1 bottle of Ginger beer
   -8 oz of Twenty Grand (Vodka infused Cognac)
   -Mixed and garnished with Cranberries and Fresh Mint
   -Sorrel (A tea made from Hibiscus leaves)
-Wines, vodkas, whiskeys and such

This party truly warmed my heart, I felt like everyone had a great time and it was nice to see a bunch of important people in my life in one space having a blast together and intermingle.NERD ALERT: When I was younger I spent an abundant amount of time playing The Sims, if you could threw a good party your Sim was on Cloud 9 for days...this party still makes me smile...so I'd say it was a success We stayed up until 2am eating, drinking and playing Catch Phrase (my favorite game- it's a mix between hot potato and charades) We also exchanged gifts White Elephant Style and I got this awesomely tacky but kinda cute sweater that I'll show you in a future post...

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